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| June 14, 2024

Сдружение "Младежки Глас" България
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Dear friends and members from around the world , here you can find information about the National Association “Youth Voice” Bulgaria in English for our international partners. For questions and need more information do not hesitate to contact our representative in our Headquarter at the contacts.

Contacts: Headquarters “Voice of the Youth” / NGO “Mladezhki Glas” Bulgaria
Office Adress:  4, Carigradska St., fl. 3, Burgas 8000, Bulgaria (EU)

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VOICE OF THE YOUTH / NGO “Mladezhki Glas”



“Voice of the Youth” National Non-Profit Organization is the largest independent non-governmental organisation in Bulgaria, numbering over 8000 officially accepted members, distributed in regional and municipal structures and clubs of interests across the country. The organization is a full member and representative of the young citizens of Republic of Bulgaria in a series of international alliances and formations, including IPYG – the World Youth Peace Organization, bringing together more than 300 of the largest NGOs in the world, based in South Korea. “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” is a representative of our country in the international NGO network “WE ARE TOGETHER” too, which has offices in 18 countries around the world, including the United States, China, Germany, France, etc. The headquarters of WE ARE TOGETHER are in Russia and all contacts and work on programmes on the territory of Bulgaria are carried out by “VOICE OF THE YOUTH”.

Our organization is co-founder and permanent member of the National Youth Forum (NYF), part of the European Youth Forum. A number of organizations and institutions in Europe, the United States and Russia have established partnership with VY over the years and our team works with them to date, as well as with all institutions, government and municipal administrations, representatives of the NGO sector throughout the country.

“VOICE OF THE YOUTH” National Non-Governmental Organization is a union of young people in Bulgaria, who are able and want to implement their potential through social initiatives, support of their own ideas and implementation of their opportunities in the name of the team of the young.

The slogan of “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” was created by our members and states: “Listen to the younger generation, they have a lot to tell us!” and is targeted towards society. At present “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization is the only organization, which really works for the young people throughout Bulgaria and assists their activity and development with the strength of its entire structure.

The organization marked the beginning of its existence in 2007 in the town of Burgas, where a group of young people created the first nucleus of VY. A few months later young leaders overtook consecutively the management of the branches in the towns of Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, etc. Many clubs of interest were created, which were autonomous and worked together with the organization with their own management and members.

Over the time the association affirmed the principle to be managed only by young people throughout the country. Without intervention, religious or political influences, the structure attracted hundreds of formal members every week. The main principle of VY – to develop the potential of young people, remains unchanged to this day. This was achieved through many seminars, trainings, workshops and events, organized in every town of the country, attended and taken part in by young people.

The organizational skills, VY built among its members, turned our members into leaders over the time, who pass their skills over to young people, who enter the organization after them. To date “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization is already officially recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a NATIONALREPRESENTATIVE ORGANISATION, a status, proven by the trust, received from our thousands of members across the country – currently over 8000 formally accepted young people.

Membership in VY is not associated with any discriminatory or approaches restricting young people – regardless of racial, political, religious and financial, age or any other belonging – all citizens, who want to work for the development of the young generation are welcome to join.

“VOICE OF THE YOUTH” works on a number of European projects, which transparency and the principle of development of the young people is a top priority in. The organization has collaborated with all institutions in the country and colleagues from other NGO structures.

VY is a member of the Supervisory Councils of several ministries in Republic of Bulgaria, the Youth Public Councils in municipalities throughout the country, the Advisory Councils on Youth at the District Administration in each populated area.

Donor campaigns and volunteerism are the basis of many of our events, VY is the main partner of the Red Cross, as well as of many institutions in the country.

The large scale of our initiatives, as well as the assertion of the views of the young people, are combined with the increase of the staff potential of the entire organization.

Today “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” works throughout the country through its branches and develops clubs worldwide with our friends and supporters, supporting the cause of the youth. The development of the organization is directly related to the potential of young people, who enjoy our support, and we ourselves enjoy their trust! Contact our representatives and become a part of us, in the name of the youth!

“VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization is a union of young people, founded in 2007 entirely in the name of the development of young citizens of Republic of Bulgaria and the support of their potential, the enhancement of their activity, social responsibility and active opinion.

The structure develops and the number of members of the NGO increases on a daily basis. The democratic system of hierarchical management of the organization allows young people to take decisions themselves and manage the entire structure. VY has a Chairman, Board of Managers, consisting of 7 persons, as well as an Expert Council (42 people), which manages the structure throughout the country, District Management and working groups. 54 clubs of interests function under the umbrella of the NGO (Club “CULTURE”, Club “SPORTS”, “Combating Youth Crime”, Students’ Club BFU, SC NBU, Club “Marketing and PR”, “Ecology and Education” and dozens more), as well as district structures (Burgas, Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Svishtov, etc.). Currently “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization has over 10 000 formal members with submitted membership applications and over 60 000 supporters in our groups and websites.

The cause of “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” is associated with reaching the potential of youth anywhere in society, proving that we, young people, have an opinion and are able to show our capabilities. “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization and its members are socially responsible young personalities, among whom there are representatives of all social and target groups among young people.

“VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization and our members participate in the writing of projects in EU programmes and programmes for development of projects in various institutions. “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization has it as a goal and applies to projects of EU programmes and government institutions through its specialists, allowing for implementing the initiatives of young people. Won projects have been implemented with full success and currently VY is implementing several projects we have applied to and implement. The ambitions of the Board of Managers are to carry out continuous training of its members and organize round tables and training seminars among students in Bulgarian universities.

The mission of “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization is to establish equality of young people in society by making young people demonstrate their abilities in front of their social environment and use their qualities to achieve their own goals in a field, suitable for them.

Contact our representatives and become a part of us, in the name of the youth!

To assist young people in developing their abilities and potential, to allow their opinion to be heard, as well as to work specifically on its implementation. The voice of young people must be heard, they are not only the future, but the present of Bulgaria too.

The mission  of “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” Non-Governmental Organization is to establish equality among young people in society by making them demonstrate their abilities in front of their social environment and use their qualities to achieve their own goals in the field suitable for them.

Governing Council / EXPERT COUNCIL